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Andrew Robinson
Jumper  - Steven Gould Brilliant SF story, blending Davy Rice's exploration of his teleporting powers with the emotional fallout of his escape from an abusive father.

It was also fascinating to read from a historical perspective of our attitudes towards terrorism and the NSA. The book was published in 1993, and Davy ends up dealing with terrorism in the form of airplane and ship hijackings. The film of the book, released in 2008 (well into the 21st century War on Terror), pointedly does not; it invents a completely different adversary for Davy to deal with. Finally, there's the NSA. Even in 1993, the book treats them as a shadowy force, above the law, that will stop at little to achieve its objectivess.

And on top of it all, it's just a cracking good page-turner of a thriller.