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A Rush of Blood - Quintin Jardine This is the first book I've read in the Skinner series, and it's a bad place to start. The cast of characters spans practically the whole of Edinburgh's CID, and all they seem to do for the first 100 pages or so is talk to each other in unnatural "as you know, Bob" info-dump style. If I had been following these characters for 20 books already, I'm sure I would enjoy seeing them all again; as it was, by the end of the book I still couldn't tell half of the characters apart.

Fortunately, about a third of the way through the plot starts to become interesting, and I wanted to find out what was happening. The last third is fast-paced and introduces the most interesting characters in the whole book, which seems somewhat backward.

I do love thrillers set in Edinburgh, so maybe I'll go back to the start of the series, and see if I do any better tackling these characters right from the beginning.